Our History



Data Service Expansion– We began January with the full integration and release of the Restaurantdata- data service bureau. Now clients can count on us to expertly clean, manage, normalize and amplify their data. Utilizing a powerhouse suite of research steps and AI we bring unparalleled insights.

Restaurant data expansion– In April, research expanded with full Canadian coverage adding 40,000 locations and more than 500 company HQ offices into the Restaurantdata360 directory.

Segment expansion– Addition of new segments of hotels, country clubs, convenience and grocery, casinos, caterers and B&I locations have been added to the universe.

Technology expansion–  The largest hierarchical system available in North America. Location> franchise> parent> ultimate parent. Hierarchies now run 4 levels deep.  


Beginning in March of this year we  launched the Restaurantdata360 directory. Now for the first time, users can view the entire universe of all (720,000) U.S. restaurant locations, companies, concepts and HQ offices all in one search.  Hierarchies and interlinking of stores to parent companies are now evident in more than 250,000 locations.

Now available on our new Platform:

-Direct dial phone numbers as well as monthly verifications of VP level contacts.

-Direct links to social media profiles and a full growth story area.

-Hotleads tagging

-Saved Searches


Custom programs are developed in capturing burgeoning chains matching clients specific needs. New lead service channels are established via in-house tracking mechanisms of legal and license filings.


Hyper focus on U.S. restaurants remains. A new level of chain HQ personnel confirmation and research is achieved. Every 3 months, all 20K corporate level personnel are verified every 3 months.


New KPI field values are added to all store locations:

Sales with census overlays, employee counts, F&B, ingredient and other category spends, ratings and social media interaction.

Full corner to corner universal U.S. coverage is achieved with solid updating systems. Implementation of other lockstep systems include the tracking, harboring and understanding of closed locations.


Notably, harmonizing and homogenizing of all data streams, processes and sets. Greater integration and algorithmic pairing of client and in-house data is achieved.


Our products and services are brought together under the Restaurantdata®.com portal. Encompassing more than 16 years of comprehensive data research, the Restaurantdata®.com platform provides drill-down features on more than 640,000 restaurants – both independent and multi-unit locations.

Newly-offered search fields included restaurant type, style, square feet, number of employees, meal periods, per-person average check, annual sales, multiple cuisines, service, alcohol, reservations and more.


New directory, Restaurantchains.net, is launched. Mining in-house databases, we create our first interactive directory. The initial version houses headquarters data on 3,000 companies and 10,000 contact persons.

Also included: average unit volume, company sales, trading areas, unit counts, square footage, seats, service style and more than 35 additional pertinent criteria.


Coverage of weekly leads expands nationally. Original markets of East and West coasts are now expanded to include remaining regions of the U.S.

Research volumes increase significantly, with 1,000 newly-opening restaurants being researched, modified and added to the database each week.

The company enhances its web presence by launching Foodservicereport.com.


Keith Gellman launches Research Report for Foodservice in New York City. The company publishes a weekly list of new restaurant openings on the East and West coasts of the U.S. Bulletins of weekly sales leads are snail mailed and faxed to clients.

The initial research process includes daily reception of 40 mail buckets of newspapers and periodicals!