New Openings FAQ



How often are reports published?

Weekly. Reports are issued on various days, depending upon the region of the US, then each week on the same day, 48 weeks per year.

How many contact records can I expect to receive each week?

Depending upon region the number will vary. For example- in the state of Arizona you can expect to receive an average of 15 new contact records per week. In Los Angeles County the average is 28 per week. Average counts of new openings have not changed that much for more than 15 years. What has changed is the type and style of foodservice outlets.

What is the cost of reports?

Prices vary and depend upon our internal cost of publishing each region. Discount package pricing is available for additional areas.

Can I get back weeks of data?

Yes. Let us know what you specifically require and we will compile a list for you.

Can I receive specialty lists, or mailing lists from a variety of categories?

Yes. We have lists available by state, regions, cuisine, service style, check average, meal periods, transfer of owner, etc. The database houses more than 640,000 contact records that have been added and modified by our staff during the past 18 years.

We also house and maintain a database of more than 5700 unique flagship, corporate chain companies along with their contacts at Each week 200+ records are either cleaned or added to our database. Prices are very reasonable and data can be delivered by e-mail by the next day. Currently we are offering chain data by the subscription slice. Please contact us with your criteria.

About the Report

In reviewing weekly lists, how do I determine what “type” of sales lead each record is displaying?

In the second column, titled “information” the “status” field displays the general activity of an individual contact record. (I.e.) new opening, new owner/operator/transfer, change of location, etc.

Is the information repeated on subsequent weeks?

No. Our initial step is to perform a duplicate check on the address. If we see that we have already performed research on an address, unless there is a new owner or new operation, you will not see that contact record in subsequent reports.

Why do some contact records have phone numbers while others do not? And why do some records have more information than others?

Primarily the information we begin with in our research process is somesort of legal filing. Sources include legal filings, license filings, state incorporation filings, permit filings, newspaper articles, press releases and classified ads. Our first step, beyond establishing the reality that a new filing is in fact a new foodservice location or a change/transfer of ownership, is to obtain a phone number. We then use extensive databases and directory assistance. If there is no phone number, research will display that fact and assume the location is very pre-opening. Therefore we make the assumption that the location is pre-opening to the point where there is no phone connected yet, but will be.

If there is a phone number research will call and attempt to fill the contact record completely. Sometimes no one answers (typical of new business in the pre-opening stage). When research does make contact (66% of the time with an owner or manager) it depends upon the interview with the owner, manager or best contact. You can see the results in a variety of information displayed within each contact record.

Most clients stop by locations that have no phone number or mail collateral directly to the location.

How experienced is the research department?

Research department employees in our office have been with us for eight years minimum. You can count on information being accurate and consistent.

What is former site?

The name of the location that preceded the new location.

What is a restaurant multi-unit?

Any operator who has two or more locations. Additionally when we fill out the contact of multi-unit records you will find corporate contact personnel, current phone numbers and numbers of units.

What are other concept names seen sometimes in multi-units?

When a parent company operates more than one concept, research lists them. (e.g.) Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Bahama Breeze.

What does phone interview yes or no mean?

In our efforts we try to speak with an owner or manager on each contact record. If we do, “yes” will appear.

“No” will appear in the following cases: If there is no phone number available through directory assistance. Other times there may be a phone number but no one answers at the location, or we received voice mail. Whichever the case our research department could not confirm information according to our standards.

What is the opening date?

Depending upon the source and interview abilities, we place a date in the activity/open space. We either know for sure or use deductive reasoning.

Delivery Methods

How do I receive reports?

By email.

Can I import weekly reports into microsoft excel or another spreadsheet or database program?

Yes you can. E-mail subscribers receive data in html, PDF as well as .txt formats. .Txt formats can be imported easily.

I still have some other questions. Can you help?

Certainly. Please contact us. We’ll be glad to answer any questions via e-mail or phone.