New Openings Steps & Methods

Rounded up, processed, and verified by our research staff.

Each week our U.S. native research staff scours every legal, license and permit they can find and our processes include more than 1500 phone calls, 2,000 internet searches and 4,000 database checks each week!

It begins with legal filings,

We scour the U.S for raw legal filing data issued by municipalities and states . Filings include Alcohol, DBA, State incorporation LLC filings and building permits.

After gathering raw data staff members,

  • Duplicate check in our multiple database ensuring new fresh leads each week.
  • Evaluate each lead closely. Leads are cleaned and flagged for bad mailing addresses (per the post office).
  • Available phone numbers are added through directory assistance search yielding 90% of leads with a store phone number. Some filings are too pre-opening and no phone number is available.


  • Go the extra step and scour for more information! Sometimes while contacting restaurants they do not answer the phone or have a phone number available.
  • Google EVERY lead looking for a website, Facebook page, Yelp page. We do whatever we can to gather actionable activity.
  • Search each domain registrar seeking an email of the owner.
  • Review every secretary of state site attempting to add and confirm the owners name.
  • Finally, researchers call and strive for an interview with the owner or manager confirming and adding any pertinent information.


We are the best and it shows!

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