Real Estate Site Selection

Map Ready – Restaurant Industry Location Data

Restaurantdata®.com’s meta-data technology platform offers easy means to develop robust
analytic solutions using common mapping platforms.

We offer access to sophisticated, yet easy-to-use real estate data sets (at both the zipcode
and census tract level) to facilitate the rapid development of restaurant site selection tools.

The data may be sliced and filtered in over 1,000 ways.

We offer our customers an easy, cost effective way to build out mapping applications without
needing a new mapping tool. Our data layers are available in CSV and Excel file format.

Data is a key component to any restaurant site selection project. We offer location specific information on over 735,000 restaurants.

Popular location layers available:

  • Existing establishments of chain stores and independent stores.
  • New openings by competitor name or type and recency time frame.
  • Closed stores by competitor name or type and recency time frame.
  • Client customers.
  • Ingredient and category spend.


Example Map:

RESS map newsite

Census tract level, risk reduction map inclusive of up-to-date existing restaurants and closed restaurants. Additional census fields added; population and household income.