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A database of restaurant groups (both public and private).  We track unit growth (and decline) over time.  Information quality varies depending on the specific company. In addition to headquarters geographic data, our database includes information on cuisine, meal periods, service style, alcoholic beverage licensing, and average unit volume (AUV).  We offer specialized modeling and analytical capabilities for food and beverage strategic planners, market analysts and sales professionals, including the capabilities below:  

Market Segment Analysis

This study shows growth trends by key market segments.  We look at each data field (i.e. Cuisine, Meal Periods, Service Style, etc.) and analyze the high impact segments in-depth.  This analysis is not restricted to raw numbers.  We look at the stimulus behind hidden trends.  Our reports may be customized to meet the needs of our readers. 

Restaurant Opportunity Whitezone Finder

Restaurant food and beverage suppliers can expand within their own localized territories with our Restaurant Opportunity Zone Finder.

Leveraging restaurantdata’s unique insights into the U.S. restaurant industry, we combine menu ingredient analysis, logic and rules in finding new prospect zones. Our consultant team will work closely with you to find the right prospects to fit your specific profiles.

During implementation our team will govern data sets and create a universal system for account linking.