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Cancellation Policy: There is no cancellation allowed after “annual” sale and no refunds will be granted. If clients want to upgrade their accounts they will need to contact their representative for options available.

Annual plans will automatically renew after 1 (one) year unless cancelled. No refunds will be given for failure to cancel account before bill date.

LIMITED LICENSE PER COMPUTER USER: Upon agreeing to subscribe you will be subject to these terms and conditions, have a limited license to use the information contained in this product for a period of one year.

Please make special note that Restaurantdata®.com, Restaurantchains.net, Restaurantdatabases.com and Foodservicereport.com has installed sophisticated internal tracking mechanisms and are continually monitoring subscribers usage.

We have created statements of the user license particularly because we gather some information from our visitors, users and customers and we want to explain our use and dissemination practices. We further intend to explain the responsibilities of all customers, users and visitors of this website. The privacy of our visitors, users and customers is of the utmost importance to us. Although, we reserve the right to change this statement at any time, we will always provide notification of any change to this statement. Please be advised that we post this statement to aid in your understanding of our business. By interacting with our Site, all visitors, users and customers consent to the terms of this agreement.

Users may not transfer, re-sell, re-distribute or distribute directory information outside of internal company subscribed usage. Users understand and agree the information within the Restaurantdata®.com portal of directories including Restaurantdata®.com, Restaurantchains.net and Foodservicereport.com. The user agrees data accessed from our Site(s) is proprietary and written consent must be provided for extraneous usage of any type, way, shape, or form.

Users and customers acknowledge that they may be monitored by the Provider when using this Site so that the Provider may protect company assets and information. The Provider may employ outside companies to assist in this process. Should the Provider become aware of misuse of the company’s Data or Service, the Provider may report the misuser to the proper government authorities and the Provider may exercise any and all of its rights. For the purposes of this Privacy Statement, “misuse” includes but is not limited to: (1) failing to comply with all laws and government regulations concerning the use and application of the Data and Service; (2) using the service in an unreasonable, inappropriate, offensive or unethical manner. By accessing the Site, all Users and customers consent to being monitored by the Provider while using the Site

CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITIES AND WARRANTY OF USE: You agree that it is your responsibility to understand and comply with all federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations including do not call and do not fax regulations. You agree to indemnify and hold Restaurantdata®.com, Restaurantchains.net and Foodservicereport.com and its parent company, Research Report for Foodservice harmless against all claims related, in whole or in part, to your failure to comply with such laws, rules, and regulations. For the purpose of resolving any dispute in any way related to your use of the information, or these terms and conditions, the state and federal courts located in White Plains, NY. You agree that such courts represent convenient and appropriate forums for this purpose. Restaurantdata®.com, Restaurantchains.net, Restaurantdatabases.com and Foodservicereport.com compiles its databases from various sources and verifies the information on a regular basis. Restaurantdata®.com, Restaurantchains.net, Restaurantdatabases.com and Foodservicereport.com cannot and does not assume any liability for the correctness or comprehensiveness of the information. All products including the online directory, and any customized database or custom research may not be returned. In no event shall restaurantchains.net be liable for lost profits, consequential, incidental, or special damages, or other claims of a similar nature.