I turned to Restaurantdata to their off the radar growth stories during COVID. It helped boost sales for our enterprise and SMB team.

Lusy Tarakchyan – Synergy Suites

Your data is amazingly accurate, we love it. 

Matthew D’ Arbeloff –  Paytronix

It’s the best resource available, we love the quality.

Aaron Johnson – Restaurant365

Your data is fantastic, we use it all the time. We love the way you properly categorize our target markets.

Grant Russell -Getcurate

We really enjoy your service, the help is tremendous.

Terry Dubois – Loop Linen

We love your service and are so glad we subscribed. Your data is spot-on accurate!

Mario – Wonton Foods

We absolutely love Rd.com. Your data is up-to-date compard to our prior provider. Service is attentive and top-notch. The quality of you data is 2nd to none.

Michelina Dale – Restaurant.com

The data is great, exactly what we need.

William Taves – Dinestrategy

Thank you, we love your service. It is excellent and working for us!

MT Robertson-Wifast

Your team does such a great job providing such rich, varied, critically important data on every record in your database that it is invaluable to Robust. We get one chance to make the right impression with the right value proposition-Thank you!

Greg Seei- Robust Promotions-IL

You do an excellent job all around. Me and my team access it regularly.

Dave McAleese-A Closer Look-GA

We are extremely happy with the service.

Bradley-Pc Music IL, Canada

You offer the most thorough, detailed information service we have ever seen. Great opportunity.

Courtney F., Murgent Corporation-CA

Just want to let you know how helpful restaurantchains.net is. I’m on your site all the time getting the information I need about the restaurants I’m reaching out to. I just don’t know how I’d do it without you!

Erica B., Healthy Dining and Healthy Dining Finder-CA

Your directory information has been really helpful to us. We are finding your information to be very accurate.

Josh Solomon, USBeveragenet-NY

At first we were hesitant to subscribe, and now that we have, we are sure glad we did. Your directory is excellent.

S Green, PMQ magazine- Oxford, MS

I applaud you and your services regarding the work and effort you provide to our group “Chicken In The Rough”. The message is clear and without a lot of extra fluff. It saves us time and, in reality, informs us as to what is going on in this very volatile food service business. It also lets us know whom we want to contact and possibly do business with.

Jack Carroll, Chicken in the Rough.

The information is unbelievably good. We use this tool daily and can’t imagine being without it.

R Wise, Wise Outlook- Tallahassee, FL

We signed up for your service and we love it. The data is fantastic.

D Ancona, MRI of the Sandias- Albuquerque, NM

The directory has steadily evolved into a very important tool for AccuTemp’s sales and marketing personnel. The weekly emailed updates and the revised layout of the website has made it very easy to navigate and use.

T Kurgan, Accutemp- Fort Wayne, IN

 I just sent 210 postcards to (unique brand) bbq and steakhouse chains — this is great.

Donna Johnson, Cookshack- Ponca City, OK

I so enjoy receiving your newsletter, it’s great.

Kathleen Cullinan, CSR

 It’s about time someone created a service like this. The industry really needs it.

Keith Whitwell, Johnson Diversey- Sturtevant, WI

“Our goal is to reach more restaurant companies than just those listed in the Yellow Pages or some generic publication. I’ve bought every type of directory imaginable, but RestaurantChains.net is far and away the best source I’ve found for reaching decision-makers who need to hear about my company’s services.

Chris Kauffman, National Restaurant Recruiters – Atlanta, GA

All the contacts are great. We love being able to to group restaurants by location, then turn them into a csv file which can easily be added to our database.

Michael Seon, Givex Corporation – Toronto, Canada

 This is the best restaurant directory I have ever worked with.

Don Marcum, American Food Resources – Greenville, SC

While Hank’s is a national brand with a presence in 43 states, we are still growing and thrive to have a major presence nationally. Chain accounts have done great for us thus far. Restaurantchains.net has provided us with a state by state list of chains we may want to approach. The detailed info the directory provides us with is a great tool and helps us figure out which chains might be a great fit for Hank’s.

Jenn Ludascher Hank’s Beverages – Feasterville, PA